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Rectangular Can

Material : Tinplate , Aluminum
Main Application : Beverage , Fruits , Vegetable , Meat , Aquatic Products , etc.


3-piece Cans ,Rectangular
Length x Width x Height
Inches                                        Millimeters                                                Volume
313*115*204 93*47*57 198ml  200g  70z
313*115*309 93*47*91 343ml  340g 120z
The table below serves as an approximate guide.
Measurements should be made with the actual product to be packed to ensure an accurate fill is obtained.


Buying Rectangular Tin Cans Makes Your Life Easier

Rectangular tin cans are usually packaging materials made out of aluminum and tinplate. The purpose of choosing rectangular cans is that these cans are used for packing foods, beverages and stuffs. If you want to buy rectangular cans online, we at Autecpack are the best option to go with.

We at Autecpack believe in providing great build-quality of rectangular and secure premium oval tin cans. If you would like to end up with the best quality of tin cans of rectangular type, you need to unveil a big collection of the same at

What Are Rectangular Tins Cans?

Before you decide to choose tin cans or high-quality tuna can, you would first like to grab adequate information about the same. Knowing about rectangular tin containers is needed to make a proper buying-decision.

As already mentioned above it is a packaging material, which is usually made of tin or aluminum. Tin cans are manufactured for packing foods, candies, beverages, and other materials. So, you need to choose tin cans of great quality, resilience and solid construction.

Rectangular tin containers can easily be customized by using specific design or marketing materials on the same.

Why Rectangular Tin Cans at Are Better than Others?

However, you can effortlessly find plenty of suppliers and manufacturers online who provide tin containers or tin cans, but we at Autecpack provide rectangular cans that should cater to your needs.

We believe in manufacturing tin cans of great quality so that you can obtain premium round tin or secure premium empty round can online.

Let’s check out why rectangular cans at are better than others.

1. Durability and Quality of Rectangular Tin Cans

The key reason behind choosing tin cans from autepack is that we provide best quality of products with great durability. Our tin cans easily deal with rust, moisture, pollutants, and other environmental impurities.

2. Choose Rectangular Cans Made Out of Aluminum and Tinplate

The best part of buying rectangular tin or secure premium sardine tin from is that we provide rectangular cans made out of two different materials i.e. tinplate and aluminum.

It means that you have two options in terms of choosing can materials. You may decide to choose tin cans made of tinplate or aluminum. Whether you choose aluminum rectangular tin cans or tinplate rectangular cans, we at Autecpack guarantee you for top-notch quality of products.

3. What You Can Store Inside Rectangular Tin Cans?

There is a purpose behind choosing a product. Whether you are going to choose secure premium empty round can or rectangular can, you would surely like to put something inside the same. That’s why it’s necessary to choose empty tin cans that can cater to your requirements.

We provide rectangular cans that can be used for storing beverages, aquatic products, meat, fruits, and yes vegetables.

Do You Want to Choose Best Rectangular Cans? Unveil Our Collection of Tin Cans

You would always love choosing best quality of tin cans. If you want to get premium club container or tin cans of rectangular type, we at are the best platform online to go with. We have a big collection of different types of tin cans to choose from.

By exploring a massive collection of tin cans at, you can find premium two-piece tin cans and premium three-piece tin cans. It means that apart from choosing rectangular tinplate cans, you can also access to other quality products.

It’s true that you would always like to choose best out of the best tin cans. Thus, you need to go through a massive assortment of tin cans. The more you have product choices to choose from, the better tin container you will choose.

We at Autecpack know this fact. That’s why we have introduced a big collection of premium quality of rectangular cans to buy online.

Can I Buy Wholesale Rectangular Tin Cans Online?

Internet has made it possible to buy anything from the comfort of home. So, when it comes to buying rectangular tin containers, you would like to confirm whether you can buy wholesale tin cans or not.

We at Autecpack provide wholesale tin containers at most reasonable price. Whether you want to acquire high-quality lid cans or rectangular cans, we can help you to choose best products in large quantity.

You can buy rectangular tin containers or even high quality tin can sealing machine online from It is a leading platform online that provides top-quality of tin containers or cans online to buy.

Do You Want to Get Best Deal on Buying Rectangular Tin Containers?

When it comes to buying rectangular cans online, you would first like to learn how to get best deal for the same. If you want to end up with the best deal on buying rectangular tin containers online, you need to look at nowhere else but

You just need to contact us with your specific tin can requirements, and we will help you to end up with the best deal on buying rectangular tin containers.


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