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Oval Can

Material: Tin, Aluminum
Packed foods: Fruit, Meat, Aquatic products, Cheese, etc.


Two piece can consists of can lid and can body , the body is formed by punch from a tin/aluminium plate .
There are many kinds of can bodies of the two-piece can :
According to the height of the can body : Shallow Flushing Can & Deep Flushing Can .
According to can making materials :     Aluminum Can & Iron Can
According to manufacturing technology : Thinning Drawing Can & Deep Drawing Can

Specifications :

Common Name



Volume Lid
(G) Type
1/4 Club Can (Conical) 104*60*29 125g EOE
1/4Club Can (Straight) 104*60*28       125g      EOE
Club Can 104*60*22        85g      EOE
601# Oval Can 159*107*37 / Normal/EOE
604# Oval Can 130*89*28 / Normal/EOE
Al Dingley Can 105*77*29 155g EOE
Al Dingley Can 105*77*22 105g EOE
Al Dingley Can 105*77*18 85g EOE

The table below serves as an approximate guide.

Measurements should be made with the actual product to be packed to ensure an accurate fill is obtained.


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