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Club Can

Material: Tin, Aluminum
Packed foods: Fruit, Meat, Aquatic products, Cheese, etc.


Two piece can consists of can lid and can body , the body is formed by punch from a tin/aluminum plate .
There are many kinds of can bodies of the two-piece can :
According to the height of the can body : Shallow Flushing Can & Deep Flushing Can .
According to can making materials : Aluminum Can & Iron Can
According to manufacturing technology : Thinning Drawing Can & Deep Drawing Can


Common Name Dimension


Volume Lid
(G) Type
1/4 Club Can (Conical) 104*60*29 125g EOE
1/4Club Can (Straight) 104*60*28       125g      EOE
Club Can 104*60*22        85g      EOE
601# Oval Can 159*107*37 / Normal/EOE
604# Oval Can 130*89*28 / Normal/EOE
Al Dingley Can 105*77*29 155g EOE
Al Dingley Can 105*77*22 105g EOE
Al Dingley Can 105*77*18 85g EOE

The table below serves as an approximate guide.
Measurements should be made with the actual product to be packed to ensure an accurate fill is obtained.


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Club can for sardines are used basically for storing seafood items such as sardine. If you want to choose best quality of sardine tin cans, we at Autecpack can be of great help.

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Why Should I Buy Club Can for Sardines from

This is the most obvious question that may strike to your mind when it comes to buying top tuna can or procure top oval can online . Actually, there are plenty of suppliers online who claim to provide best club cans especially for sardines. Now, you get confused about making a proper decision.

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You would always like to acquire top rectangular container or cans of finest designs, colors and styles. We at Autecpack provide different sizes, colors and designs of club cans for sardine.

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3. Quality Vs Affordability of Club Can for Sardines  

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Materials Used in Manufacturing Club Can for Sardines

If you don’t want to repent on your decision on buying cans or containers, you first need to evaluate their manufacturing materials. It means that you need to confirm whether your chosen cans are made out of tinplate or aluminum. You may decide to choose either of metals according to your specific needs. But it’s highly advised that you need to go through both products to have an insight about the pros and cons of the same.

We at Autecpack introduce a big assortment of different types of club can for sardines to buy online. You can choose sardine club cans made out of aluminum or iron. Whether you want to purchase finest lid cans or club cans, taking materials into consideration can help you choose best product.

Should I choose club cans made out of iron or aluminum? You may decide to choose either of the option keeping your storage requirements in mind. Here, you need to remember that containers made out of tinplate can be more affordable than containers made out of aluminum .

Choose Club Cans for Sardine According to Your Requirements and Budget

Whether you want to purchase tin can sealing machine or sardine club cans, you shouldn’t ignore two things ie your requirements and budget. It’s a fact that you will choose tin containers that you really need. You won’t like to spend your money on buying top tuna cans that you really don’t need.

That’s why before making a buying-decision; you first need to evaluate your budget and specific requirements for buying sardine club cans online. If you ignore this significant point, you may have to deal with unwanted products.

When you choose sardine club cans or other tin cans keeping your requirements and budget in mind, you will end up with the best deal. Obviously, you would always like to choose best deal on buying club cans especially for sardines.

We at Autecpack manufacture best-quality of club cans for sardine and other tin cans and containers. We believe in catering the specific storage needs of our clients within their budget.



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