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Round Can

Material: Tinplate, Aluminum
Main Application: Beverage, Fruits, Vegetable, Meat, Aquatic Products, etc.


Two pieces can consist of can lid and can body, the body is formed by punch from a tin/aluminum plate.
There are many kinds of can bodies of the two-piece can:
According to the height of the can body: Shallow Flushing Can & Deep Flushing Can.
According to can making materials: Aluminum Can & Iron Can
According to manufacturing technology: Thinning Drawing Can & Deep Drawing Can


Common Name  Metric Reference Contents Reference
Inches MM OZ G
536 Round Can 202*106 52*36 2.2 64
539 Round Can 202*109 52*39 2.5 70
634 Round Can 211*105 66*34 3.2 90
640 Round Can 211*109 66*40 3.7 105
730 Round Can 300*103 73*30 3.3 93
732 Round Can 300*104 73*32 3.6 102
742 Round Can 300*111 73*42 5.2 146
746 Round Can 300*113 73*46 5.8 164
753 Round Can 300*201 73*53 6.7 190
757 Round Can 300*204 73*57 7.0 200
834 Round Can 307*105 84*34 5.0 143
838 Round Can 307*108 84*38 5.7 163
840 Round Can 307*109 84*40 6.1 174
842 Round Can 307*110 84*42 6.7 190
846 Round Can 307*113 84*46 7.1 203
946 Round Can 401*113 99*46 10.3 293


The table below serves as an approximate guide.
Measurements should be made with the actual product to be packed to ensure an accurate fill is

Know the Empty Round Cans Price before Choosing Food Grade Round Tin Can

Food grade round tin can is considered as the best choice to go with when it comes to storing beverages and foods inside it. Obviously, you would like to choose a safe option that can help you to protect your foods or beverages from unwanted moisture bacteria and other stuffs.

If you want to buy food grade tin cans, you first need to know the price of the same. We at Autecpack provide top-notch quality of empty round cans at most reasonable price. We believe in providing quality products so that our customers can get what they really need.

Choose Food Grade Round Tin Can for Your Requirements

Whether you want to purchase club canor food grade round tin cans , you first need to know your requirements for the same. You won’t choose cans that you may not need. Thus, before making a purchase, you first need to have a detailed look at your requirements.

There are different types of cans to choose from. But you need to choose food grade tins can as per your needs. For this, you need to look at a supplier or manufacturer who can provide you with custom-made cans. We at Autecpack provide empty customized sardine tin cans and food grade tin cans.

Quality Vs Empty Round Cans Price

Most of the customers assume that choosing an expensive tin can means they will end up with a high-standard of round tin can. But it’s not true.

Similarly, there are customers who also assume that choosing a tin can at affordable price simply means that they need to cope with substandard quality of procure tuna tin or food grade cans. Obviously, it’s also not true.

We at Autecpack provide top-quality of round tins cans . You can also acquire oval can and empty round cans. However, we believe in offering best-quality of empty tin cans, but we don’t increase price for the same.

Thus, you will find empty round cans price very affordable at It means that you don’t need to spend fortune to obtain empty can .

Compare Features of Food Grade Round Tin Cans with Other Cans

Whether you want to buy rectangular containeror food grade tin cans, you will always like to choose best product. Now, the question comes here how to know about the best-quality of tin cans. For this, you need to compare specifications of food grade tin cans with other tin cans.

If you want to explore specifications of food grade cans, you need to compare its features with empty sardine tin cans . This way, you can have an insight about how to buy best empty round tin cans at most reasonable price.

Do you want to learn how to compare features or specs of different types of cans against each other? For this, you need to follow given below tips.

1. Compare Materials of Food Grade Round Tin Can with Other Tin Cans

First of all, you need to compare materials used in manufacturing food grade tin cans. You need to compare materials of food grade cans with other types of cans. Basically, aluminum and iron is used in manufacturing most of the types of cans.

If you want to end up with best food grade cans, you need to compare its specifications with three piece tin cans . By comparing materials used in making of cans, you can make best buying-decision.

2. Compare Storage Space of Empty Round Cans

Before knowing the empty round cans price, you first need to compare its storage facility with other alternates. For instance, by comparing the storage facility of food grade cans with two piece tin cans, you can decide  what could be a good option for you .

We at Autecpack provide best assortment of different types of tin cans with different storage capacities.

3. Design, Style and Color of Empty Round Cans

There are customers who may not concentrate on determining design, color and style of tin cans. But taking these features into consideration can help you to make best choice.

We at Autecpack provide different types, colors, styles, and designs of food grade round cans. We believe in manufacturing customized products according to specific requirements of our clients.

Explore a Big Collection of Food Grade Round Tin Cans at Autecpack

Whether you want to choose tin can sealing machine or two piece tin cans, you need to look at nowhere else but We believe in helping our customers to choose best out of the best empty round cans online at reasonable price.

This is the key reason why we at Autecpack provide a huge assortment of different types of food grade tin cans online. Whether you want to choose can lids or empty round cans, we at Autecpack have a massive collection of products to choose from.

Unlock Empty Round Cans Price at

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